Connect 10.12.9


  1. Split Check
    We’ve added the ability to split checks by items into separate orders via Activate. Because of this new Activate feature, some Connect changes have been made. They are mostly configuration steps (so what to do if you want Activate to enable Split Check) and lots of databases configuration.

    How Split Check works?
    3 people (Joe, Bob, and Nick) are sitting at one table. On Activate, some items (coke, Fanta, French Fries, Burger) are already ordered. They are placed on one check opened by Joe.
    Bob, or Nick decide to leave. They want to have separate orders. 
    Currently - we split the original check made by Joe in three orders via Activate. 
    Activate basic Flow:
    1. Open Activate (! You need to have version with Check Sync, so minimum Activate Android 2.10.0). 
    2. Add some items to the cart and tap "Check" button. 
    3. Open the check with name / Credit Card / seat. 
    3. If split check is enabled for the Vendor, you'll be able to tap Split Check button. 
    4. Click on item(s) you want to move to another Check and move them to a newly added split. You can edit the check name by clicking on the check textfield.
    Additional information: 
    1. Split Check is available in POS (Point Of Sale) and REST (Restaurant) modes. 
    2. It is possible to split checks in Offline and Online modes. 
    3. Split Check works only for Venues that have Check Syncing enabled.
    Connect > Check Reports 
    To check your reports, navigate to Connect > Orders > Checks. 
    You'll see that each of your split checks for the same Vendor will be treated as separate orders (they won't be shown as one order divided into few)

    Connect Setup:

    To setup Split Check for the Vendor, you need to:

    a) Have Check Syncing enabled for the Venue.

    • Log into Connect Admin panel
    • Click on the correct Venue from Venues list
    • On Venue Details page, you will see a settings button located on the right side of the page next to “Edit” button
    • Click on the three-dots button
    • Choose “Additional Settings”
    • In Venue General section, you’ll find “Check Syncing” toggle
    • Change Check Syncing to “Enabled” and save your changes

Result: Check Syncing is turned on for the whole Venue

Note! Check Syncing is important for Split Checks, as each check order needs to have individual UUID to be able to divide check.

b) Enable Split Checks for Vendor Role.

  • Navigate to Connect > Options > Vendor Roles and select the correct one
  • Click to edit Vendor Role
  • Change “Enable Split Checks” to YES

Save your changes

c) Enable Split Checks for Employee Role.

  • Navigate to Connect > Options > Employee Roles and select the correct one
  • Click to edit Employee Role
  • Find “Enable Split Checks” toggle under “General” Tab
  • Change “Enable Split Checks” to Enabled
  • Save you changes


2. Inventory – purchase order delivery date. 
Currently, it is possible to edit the delivery date when a purchase order is delivered.

  • Navigate to Inventory > Purchase Orders
  • Create “New Purchase Order”
  • Select Distributor and Warehouse from the drop down and confirm purchase order
  • Set the delivery date
  • User is able to edit the delivery date in the Confirm Delivery Screen
  • It’s possible to pick up a delivery date less or equal than current date in Confirm Delivery Screen



  1. Inventory > Purchase Orders.
  • Open Inventory > Purchase Orders
  • Click the green button “New Purchase Order”
  • Select Distributor and Warehouse from the drop down options and click create purchase order
  • On the next next screen, click on the delivery date field and adjust date to before current date

Fixed behavior : Now, the system allows for a date input that’s before current date

2. Category Recap Report by Vendor Breakdown – issues with total tender calculation.

  • Open Events > Calendar > Add an Event that is marked as inventory event
  • Click continue and assign vendors
  • Open inventory event
  • Using Activate, ring in some cash transactions for the vendors
  • Navigate to Events > Standsheets and for each vendor on the standsheet page, update count in an count out values for some items so that expected sold value is greater than zero
  • Close standsheets
  • Navigate to Reports > Inventory > Category Recap and select the event from event drop down by adjusting the date filters accordingly
  • From the vendor group filter, select correct vendor groups
  • Download the report

Fixed behavior: Total Tender for each vendor group on the vendor group breakdown section of the report matches total tender from the consolidated vendor section

3. When adding item via Connect, item icon does not show up on Activate. 

  • Open Connect > Items
  • Add an item and assign it to vendor
  • Choose an icon for the item and save it

Fixed behavior: Now, when opening Activate, item icon is displayed correctly.

4. Issues with modifier price.

  • Create a check order via Activate (e.g. 1 item with 3 modifiers) and closeout the transaction
  • Open Connect, navigate to Orders > Checks and open the check you’ve just finalized
  • Fixed behavior: 1 item and 3 modifiers are visible on the list. All prices are visible.