Interact Web 1.0.6

New Features

  • Added the ability to route items through sub-vendors. Now orders are sent directly to the sub-vendor kitchen from the KDS, which helps staff to prepare products quicker.
  • Added a new subcategory selection screen for Theme 2. When top-level categories are suppressed (Interact Web > Settings > Suppress top-level categories set to Yes), the new subcategory selection screen displays before the Main Menu.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Updated the Menu and Cart screens to include modifier information in the order details.
  • Improved how modifiers display in the Cart. Now it’s easier to see if multiple selections are available when adding menu items.
    • This option only displays in Theme 2.
      To select Theme 2 in Connect:
      1. Click Interact Web > Settings.
      2. In the Theme field, select Theme 2 from the drop-down menu.
      3. Click Save Changes.
    • The default setting for the ‘Allow Multiple’ option is Yes.
      To set the ‘Allow Multiple’ option in Connect:
      1. Click Items > Items.
      2. Click the Item you want to modify.
      3. Click the Wizard tab.
      4. Set the ‘Allow Multiple’ option.