Activate Android 4.2


  1. Restaurants – ordering improvements.
    When Restaurant module is turned on for the Venue, we’ve added some improvements to ordering process so that it is much faster.
    – user is on a single check view (opened check)
    – after tapping the “+” button, it’s possible to add multiple items to one seat
    – the total price of ordered items is calculated
    – added items can be deleted from the cart (by tapping the “x” button next to an item)
    – tapping “Submit” button results in adding items to the check and proper seats

  2. Ability to add tip on Custom Tenders.

    Connect preconditions:

    a) Custom Tender payment is enabled for the Venue (with Options → Custom Tender)
    b) Tipping is enabled on the Employee Role

    Adding Tip on Custom Tender with Activate:

    – add some items to the cart
    – select “Custom Tender” payment type to finalize transaction
    – hit “Remaining” to convert the whole amount, or choose other amount
    – select Tip to be added to order and start Checkout process


  1. Problems when trying to select printing “Vendor Totals” on Finalize Day page.
  2. True Up Counts not reflected in item quantity available for sale at workstation.
  3. Time Clock not returning to the pin screen.
  4. Occasional issues with scanning Discounts.
  5. Problems when paying with Givex in offline mode when total is over predefined Givex threshold limit.