Activate iOS 6.13.6


  1. Protecting Discounts with admin PIN.

    Currently, when you access the Discounts page via Activate, adding a Discount will be verified with an admin PIN.
    To do it, you need to:

    • Add some items to the cart
    • Tap “More” button
    • Tap “Discounts” Tab
    • Tap any discount, i.e. “50% off”
    • Type in admin PIN
      Note! Admin PIN verification should appear for Discounts, Custom Discounts, and additionally - when scanning barcodes.

      Remember that Activate will only prompt for an admin PIN, if it’s set via Connect. To set PIN protection per Discount on Connect, you need to:

      • Log into Connect and access Options > Discounts > choose any Discount
      • Go to Details > Requires Manager PIN
      • Change toggle to Requires Manager PIN = YES
  2. Confirmation message when adding items to the Check order – updated.
    Currently, when adding items in Activate, pressing Check and selecting the level of the seat, user will see a slightly changed message:

    Do you want to add this to the tab Check: __(user's choice here)____  Seat Number: __(user's choice here)______.

    Thanks to this change, user would double check the previous choice and make sure that seat was chosen correctly.


  3. Issues with offline orders sync.
  4. Problems with wizard items & unnecessary requirement to add at least one modifier. Now, this behavior does not occur any more.


  1. Tax Calculation libraries revised & updated.