Activate Android 4.5.1


  1. FreedomPay terminal integration. 
    FreedomPay iSC250 terminal device is now supported with Activate (v. 4.5.1).
    Possible payment types on the terminal include:
    – NFC
    – EMV
    – CC payments
  2. Fortress Member Benefits – added ability for customers to choose and decide which discount to apply at the time of making an order.
    Customer may choose between:
    – adding Vouchers
    – adding Campaigns
    – applying order Discounts
  3. Fortress Member Benefits – payments:
    – the system checks total balance and determines if it’s enough to cover the transaction

    • If the balance does not cover the transaction, Activate should reference the allowed to spend amount and apply that to the transaction if that covers the total.
    • If the allowed to spend doesn't cover the total, Activate should take the allowed to spend value and allow the customer, or cashier, to split the transaction to other tender. 

    – the system displays the remaining Fortress balance on the CFD screen after a transaction is performed on Thanks Screen


  1. Updates on Finalize Day view.
    Currently, when user opens the Finalize Day screen, there is a new payment section for Custom Tenders that includes:
    – separate section for Sales
    – Fees, Tips and Taxes section

    Note! The view will only be available, if it's enabled via Connect panel → Options → Permissions Sets → Finalize Day.


  1. Problems with completing transactions after using manual entry on the iPP350 device.
  2. Quick chip payment – bug fixes.
  3. User discounts selected from CFD not applied to Activate.
  4. CFD and Activate sync issues.
  5. Fortress payment crashes when trying to split payment due to insufficient balance.
  6. Blocking UI on cash drawer – permission set not working properly.