Connect 10.19.16


  • Updated the Orders page to include Convenience Fee and Custom Fee information. Now it’s easier to see which fees are applied to orders.
  • Now the displayed Convenience Fee name and value reflect the values assigned at the time of the order, so completed orders are not affected by future changes.
  • Improved the Plan a Transfer feature. When selecting locations for Par Level type planned transfers, previously selected locations will no longer display in the selection list for an event.


  • Fixed an issue in Cash Room where the Drop amount was occasionally doubled.
  • Fixed a reporting issue where there were discrepancies between the Revenue Reconciliation Report and Stand Sheets.
  • Fixed an issue with Interact Web SMS Order receipts where a dollar sign did not display before the total payment amount.
  • Fixed an issue on the Accounts page where the Import Assignment option was not functioning correctly, and imports failed.