Connect 10.12.4


  1. A new error message is displayed to user when trying to delete an event with planned transfer. You would see that message when you:
    • Have active inventory event created
    • Have transfer created & assigned to that inventory event
    • Go to Events > Manage Events > click on the “burger” settings button next to the event
    • Click on “Delete Event” option and confirm the action
    • An error message that would prevent you from deleting an event with planned transfers should pop up


  1. Inventory Items – problems with items that are no longer assigned to given Warehouse / Distributors showing up as assigned.
  2. Closing last Vendor for inventory event fails. To see exactly what problem we’ve solved, read on the below points:
    • Open Connect > Events > Calendar
    • Create a new Inventory event with multiple Vendors assigned, or choose the existing similar event
    • Count in one or more Vendors
    • Then try to hit the “Close All” button
    • The last Vendor from the list of assigned vendors is not closed
  3. Purchase Orders – incorrect extender price calculations displayed.
    • Go to Connect > Inventory > Purchase Orders
    • Open a Purchase Order that is marked as delivered
    • The received quantity field is updated to zero
    • The downloaded PDF contained incorrect extended price for the zeroed item
  4. Lack of employee role logo image on the printed receipt.
  5. Inventory – Stock request pulling incorrect Par Level (not the one that was initially set).
  6. Problems with assigning Menu Items from Vendor page. To check what was fixed, read on the below steps:
    • Open Connect and go to Vendors
    • Select a Vendor
    • Reach the Menu Items tab
    • Click the blue “Add Menu Item” button
    • Assign a Menu Items that has inventory tracked to the Vendor
    • Navigate to Inventory Items tab
    • The associated Inventory item does not appear on the list


1. Connect > Options > Connect Roles – improvements.

  • Currently, when you access the above path, you should see that permissions set there for Inventory Settings > Purchase Orders are enhanced in a way that they are more understandable

    2. Purchase Orders – item total cost display.

  • Open Connect > Inventory > Purchase Orders
  • Select any Purchase Order that is created or completed
  • The item total cost and purchase order totals should be rounded to 2 decimal places

3. Partial Tip Refund – Venue settings updated.

  • Navigate to Connect > Settings > Venue
  • See that there’s a new “Allow Partial Tip Refund” button. By default, it is turned on. You can disable the partial tip refund anytime you want.
  • How it works when enabled? Read below:
    If you make an order with a tip via Activate and decide to make a partial refund via Connect, Connect will refund part of the tip based on how much of the order was refunded. 
    For example, if an order is $20.00 total and has a $4 tip, if a $5 item is refunded, $1 of the tip will be refunded as well

4. Category Sales Report not showing parent items.
What are parent items? Those are the main items you create via items page. Usually, modifiers are added to parent items.
The issue we’ve fixed was that when running a Category Sales Report (via Connect > Reports > End of Show) parent items were missing from the reports.