Connect 8.5.0


  1. Order details PDF reprint. Download receipt as a PDF and print multiple times depending on the needs. On the order details view a Download Receipt is available. After clicking the button, PDF document is automatically saved. Main_Dev_Board_-_Agile_Board_-_JIRA
  2. Ticket item type. To add a ticket go to Main Menu>Items>Create and select a type. Appetize_ConnectAfter opening item details, ticket may be assigned to particular event.Appetize_Connect
  3. Pick event by date or by name for a report purposes.Appetize_Connect
  4. Sales Breakdown Report under End Of Show category introduced. Pick a date range and Vendor to see the live view tables with Summary, Orders, Sales, and Payments generated below. Ready to for download in .pdf .csv format.
  5. Online preordering via Connect available. Make orders before the event starts. Enable in the Connect Main Menu>Layouts>Section EditAppetize_Connect


  1. Modifiers functionality modifications.
  • Active column in the Assigned Items and Add Item tab. Indicates the activated modifiers.Appetize_Connect
  • Both Assigned Items and Assigned Modifier Groups tab columns are sortable to make the view clearer Appetize_Connect2. Wage field in the Shift planning update (Connect Main Menu>Accounts>Contact Information tab). Numeric values with decimal places may be entered.

3. Add item view redesign. Appetize_ConnectWhile Item edit, changing the type besides Food to Drink and reverse is not available.

4. Discount calculations improvement. In both Revenue Reconciliation and Category Recap reports:

  • Discount is extracted when calculating the Gross Receipts / Total Tender column
  • A filter on the report page named Discounts as Tender has been added
  • The flag default is – NO.
  • If it is set to YES then the Discount column is added to Gross Receipts / Total Tender

Discount As Tender – set to No viewRevenue_Reconciliation_Report_2016-05-09_02-42-48_xls__1_page_

Discount As Tender – set to Yes viewRevenue_Reconciliation_Report_2016-05-09_02-45-00_xls__1_page_

5. Wizard module functionality and layout modifications. Add/remove modifiers directly within a wizard step.Appetize_Connect


  1. Promo enabled switch in Vendor Roles setting improper behavior.
  2. Employee Role multiple duplications corrections. Multiple duplications are available without page reload.
  3. Duplicated item creation and setup.
  4. Reports reliability and display improvements.
  5. Charging discrepancies between Connect and Activate.
  6. Fortress split not charging tip in Restaurant mode.