KDS 3.9


KDS Auto-fire

1.1 What’s that? – short description of the feature
1.2 Example use
2  Upcoming orders flow – a step-by-step description of the new type of orders

-> Auto-Fire – a new feature that allows kitchen staff to prepare orders for a later time.
-> to make it work on KDS, you need to have Pickup Time Selection enabled on Connect. To do it go to Connect > Vendors > (click on your KDS Vendor) > Vendor Settings

-> order is placed at 10:00 am (SDK) for pickup at 11:30 am
-> Prep Time (Connect) is set to 10 min
-> next, this order goes to KDS to “Upcoming” tab. Pickup time – prep time => 11:20 am.


1. Client makes an order (via SDK) and chooses pickup time at i.e. 11:30 am
Note! The feature works only for orders with a chosen pickup time (SDK)

Make an order > choose Pickup Time > confirm with “OK” > Result: Pickup Time is selected
SDK screens 

2. SDK checkout ends in success and order goes to KDS
3. Your order goes to KDS “Upcoming” tab. That’s only for orders with pickupTime set. 

4. Some changes in order’s view
5. Possible actions when order in “Upcoming” status.
-> When order is “Upcoming”, you can change the status to “Pending” only

-> Then, when your order is in “Pending” status, you can change it to: “In Process” or “Completed”

6. Depending on the prepTime settings, the negative time value (for order’s completion) displayed on the Upcoming order is counted differently.
There are 3 definitions that may help you understand the difference:
pickupTime = the ability to order food for later on the current day for a short-term completion like i.e. 60 minutes (config in Connect > Vendors > Vendor > Vendor Settings). This is an SDK setting
prepTime = time needed for the kitchen (KDS) to prepare a given order (config in Connect > Vendors > Vendor > Vendor Settings). This is KDS setting. Once it is set in Connect, it is the default prepTime for all KDS orders

showTime = Time value defined by: pickupTime- Vendor prepTime. When showTime >= (bigger or equal) to now, KDS order automatically moves to Pending page