Activate iOS 7.2


  1. Ability to configure two Skidata portals via Connect associated to one venue.
    How it works?
    My Venue holds two different events simultaneously. I need to set up two Skidata payments (i.e. Loaded Value and Direct Payment) for each event separately. On Connect, I create two events, then with Connect Integrations page I add two Skidata payments - each with a different event assigned. Then, when using Activate I can select the event type and pay.
    To set up Skidata, you need to:
     - log into your Venue to Connect
     - navigate to Settings > Integrations > Skidata Payments
     - click the blue Create button and fill in all fields
     - select Event Type and Payment Type from dropdown
     - change the status to ON = active
     - save your changes


  1. Givex payments in offline mode.

    - log into your Connect Venue and
    - navigate to Options and select the correct Employee Role
    - open Payments tab
    - make sure that Givex payment is enabled
    - switch the toggle "Can accept offline Givex" to Yes
    - save your changes
    - When the setting is Yes, then you can accept Givex payments offline.
    Max Givex Transaction Threshold
    Activate will only accept offline transactions when the value of the transaction is less than the Givex threshold setting. 
    - in Employee Role > Payments tab there's an input "Max Givex Transaction Threshold"
    - when you enter there i.e $30, and set "Can accept offline Givex" to Yes, Activate would only accept offline Givex transactions within a maximum amount of $30. 


  1. Issues with capturing tip and signature for single transaction orders.