Interact Kiosk 1.5.1

New Features

  • Added Custom Tender support. This change allows customers to submit orders to the kitchen without payment.
  • Added tracking for user actions. Now when users perform the following actions, the actions are logged:
    • start a transaction
    • begin the checkout process
    • select a tender
    • process a tender
    • cancel an order

    These actions will display in a report that will be available in a future Connect release.


  • Added the ability to configure the loyalty / stored value prompt in the JSON theme settings. This setting is on by default.
  • Categories no longer display if there are no items currently available for that category, including if the item is not available for the current Day Part.
  • Improved the UI of the Category Selection screen, the Item Grid, and the Item Details screens.
  • Updated the customer flows. Now guests are taken directly to the list of menu items if there are no assigned categories.
  • Removed the Category Navigation bar and Back buttons from the first category selection screen. These only display for multi-vendor logins.
  • Removed support for the default Main Categories (Food, Beverage, Merchandise, and Other). Customers can configure all categories in Connect as Level 1 and Level 2 categories.


  • Fixed iPP 350 issues, including an issue where the swiper froze on the Authorizing screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Attract Screen Order button to not respect the Visibility True/False setting in the JSON theme configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that prompted users to select a tender when there was only one option available. Now the tender selection screen is bypassed if only one option is present.