Activate Android

  • Terminal defaults to the Menu screen after transactions.
    Corrected behavior for transactions to resolve possible issues.
  • Increased stability in text input fields.
    Fixed an issue where entering non-integral amounts caused instability issues.
  • Split Check includes the tax amount.
    Fixed an issue where the tax amount was not included when using the Split Check option.
  • Increased performance of the iPP350.
    Reduced the amount of time it takes for the iPP350 to prepare for each transaction.
  • Loss Prevention Report includes cashier data.
    Fixed an issue where the Loss Prevention Report did not contain cashier-level data.
  • Tip and Signature display when enabled on the Employee Role.
    Fixed an issue where transactions completed successfully, but the Tip and Signature fields were not displayed for Main Screen orders.
  • Timeclock allows users to clock out.
    Fixed a Timeclock issue that prevented users from clocking out.
  • Subtotals will include all items in the cart.
    Fixed an issue where the Subtotal on printed receipts did not include items with modifiers.
  • Users are able to complete transactions without crashing.
    Fixed an issue where Split with CBORD crashed Activate when started from the Main Screen.
  • Screen transitions without lag.
    Fixed an issue that caused a login delay and blank screen between screen transitions when a high number of items were assigned.