Connect 10.8


1. Inventory Setup Page redesign






2. Tare Weight field added to Item Detail



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  1. 1. Inventory Setup Page redesign [ps2id id=’12’ target=”/]

We’ve started redesigning Inventory in the previous release, and in this one (version 10.8) we’ve redesigned Items’ view.

1.1 CREATE INVENTORY ITEM – redesign [ps2id id=’red’ target=”/]

The view that was used to create new inventory items is slightly changed.

Right-click the blue “Create” button to add a new inventory item.

Name = the name of your product
Product = click to see Menu items. You can choose one of the Menu items and duplicate it as Inventory Item. If you choose “Not from the menu”, your Inventory Item will be totally new item
Sales Unit = defines how do you sell the item at the POS
Inventory Unit = how do you actually count inventory item
Purchase Unit = how do you buy items from the suppliers
Conversion to Inventory Unit = counts purchase units to inventory units when creating transfers
Conversion to Purchase Unit = counts inventory units to purchase units when creating transfers

1.2 CREATE ADDITIONAL ITEM – redesign [ps2id id=’123′ target=”/]

Additional Item is for adding modifiers to Inventory Items. To Create Additional Item via Inventory page, first you need to add modifiers to items in Menu Items mode. To do it, go to Connect > Items > Modifiers and click the blue “Create” button, or click the existing modifier and assign it to given item(s).

Then, open Items page > click on item that is inventory item and go to “Modifiers” tab. There you need to navigate to “Assigned Modifiers” and click “YES” next to “Track Inventory” button. Modifiers marked “YES” would be added to Inventory Item.

Then, when you go to Inventory > Items, your modifiers would be visible under the correct item.

Click the “Create Additional Item” button next to Inventory item.

A new window that allows to add more than one modifier of the same type shows up. With this feature you can change the name of existing modifier and sales unit.

Result: Additional with updated name is visible under the item.

1.3 STOP TRACKING [ps2id id=’stop’ target=”/]

The button allows to block the given item or Additional Item from Inventory sales. Now it is placed next to Inventory Item on items list.

1.4 INVENTORY – CATEGORY [ps2id id=’cat’ target=”/]

Items list now also shows “Category” field.

To be able to choose any category from this dropdown, a separate items’ category needs to be created. To do it go to: Inventory > Options > Categories

Name = this will be the name of a category
Sales Code = related to GL codes and visible under GL Code Reports
Cost Code = related to GL codes and visible under GL Code Reports
Tax Rate = enter the Tax Rate that will be inherited by items assigned to that particular category

As a result, the category is visible in Options > Categories

Next, you need to assign the Category to item/s.

Go back to Inventory > Items and choose your item/s
Navigate to “Additional Options” and choose the category from dropdown

Then, filtering/sorting by “Category” would display items assigned to this category type.

There’s no limit with the number of categories created. You can make as many as you wish.

1.5 ADDITIONAL OPTIONS -> BRANDS [ps2id id=’brand’ target=”/]

First, start with Inventory > Items > click on a given item and navigate to “Additional Options”. There’s a new dropdown called “Brands”

To be able to choose a Brand, go to Inventory > Options > Brands

There’s only one field to fill in – the name of Inventory item brand

Once you Save Changes, your Brand is created. Now, go back to Items view and you’ll be able to select a Brand for a given item.

2. Tare Weight field added to Item Detail [ps2id id=’tare’ target=”/]

Currently, due to Scale integration for Android devices, there are additional fields added to weight items.

Go to Items > Choose your weight item and navigate to “Detailed Information”

Tare Weight – fill in this field if your item is packed before weighing. This would tare the scale to 0 automatically.

Changed: [ps2id id=’changed’ target=”/]

1. For the needs of further improvement, we’ve hidden the Cash Room section from Inventory. It will be added back – better and stronger in 10.9 version.

Fixed: [ps2id id=’fixed’ target=”/]

1. Stand Sheets issues with “Date Closed” field.

2. Issues when assigning Discounts to items.

3. Assigning Vendors to Events – fixes.

4. Search bar in Inventory > Assign Warehouse & Distributor fixes.