Activate Android 4.7

  • Updated flow for closing credit card tabs. The new flow allows users to select a stored credit card for split payments and to add discounts and fees.
    Example of the new flow:
    1. Log into Activate.
    2. Tap a food item.
    3. Tap Check.
    4. Tap Open with Credit Card.
    5. Swipe credit card.
    6. When ready to close the tab, tap Closeout Check.
    7. When the following prompt displays, tap Yes:
      Are you sure you want to closeout the check?
    8. When the following prompt displays, tap Yes:
      Would you like to use your stored credit card?
    9. Tap Stored Credit Card.
    10. Add the amount to be charged to the stored credit card.
      Tap Remaining to charge the entire amount to the stored credit card.
    11. Add tip and signature, and then click Done.
    12. Tap Checkout.
    13. Tap a receipt option.
    Note: Easy Splits must be enabled to use this feature.
    To enable Easy Splits in Connect:
    • Options > Permissions Sets > Payments > Enable easy splits set to Yes.

  • Fixed an issue where Activate crashed after a tip was added to split tender transactions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin PIN functions (Clear Cart, Finalize Day, Logout, Discounts, and Codes) did not work after the PIN was entered.
  • Fixed an issue where Discounts were not applied when a Loyalty card number was assigned.
  • Fixed an issue where Discounts did not display on the final Payment screen.
  • Fixed an issue where tabs went offline when Promo Codes were applied at checkout.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to drag and drop Menu items effectively.
  • Fixed issues that occurred when a tab was opened or closed with a credit card and transactions could not be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where credit cards were charged multiple times when a customer tapped on the display.
  • Fixed an issue where the display was not immediately blocked when the cash drawer opened, and users could return to the Menu and add items to their cart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Favorite Items did not display as hotkeys in Retail Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Print Special Instructions Permissions Set option was not respected, and the special instructions were not printed.
  • Fixed an issue where new Star cash drawers had inverted status messages compared to the original APG cash drawers. To correctly support both, a new flag called ‘Cash Drawer Polarity’ was added to the Employee Role in Connect.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the Ariva-S scale lost connectivity after multiple transactions, didn’t read the weight, and cashiers had to input the weight manually.
  • Fixed an issue where the onboard MSR stopped working after incorrect swipes and attempts to pay with the CBORD tender.