Connect 10.16.2


  1. Items page – a new field added.
    - access Items page and select an existing item or create a new one
    - navigate to Detailed Information section
    Tare Weight field has been added there, the field is used for weight items
    Note! You can add there numeric values only. It's possible to enter numbers up to 3 decimal places. 
  2. New information displayed on Orders view.
    - access orders page
    - select date and click on the order you want to look up 
    - device name and device type are added to the order detailed view
  3. Inventory enhancements:
    – Cash Room redesign: ability to define templates for banks based on event types
  4. Inventory item – possibility to mark an item as Subcontractor product
  5. - navigate to inventory > items 
    - access Basic Information tab
    - scroll to the bottom of the tab
    - there's a new toggle Is Subcontractor - you can change it to Yes/No


  1. Email receipts – all $0 transaction values are hidden.
  2. Tax Group – changes in general flow.
    - access Options > Tax Groups
    - select a Tax Group
    - scroll to the bottom of the section
    - click the Apply to All Items button
    - result: the selected Tax Group will be applied to all items
    Note! When Apply to All Items is chosen, the tax group will be shown as null 


  1. Suite menus – occasional problems when saving menus.
  2. PreOrdering site – issues with items display.
  3. Tax rounding at the Vendor Role.
  4. Pickup Vendor Flag when creating new Vendor Roles.