Activate iOS


  1. Swiping promos
    user makes an order
    -> items are added to the cart
    -> at this point there’s an option to swipe promo code instead of typing it manually
    -> swiping works with manager’s and employee’s cards. Cards are encoded with employee / manager PIN = a name of the promo.
    -> when promo code is applied, it is not visible in the cart. Instead of code, we see *********

    -> available in “ordinary” mode, easy split, house payments
    -> applying promos with swiping is available only when you tap on promo code textfieldPRECONDITIONS:
    a) swiper attached (works for both: encrypted, non encrypted swipers)
    b) promo code added & assigned to the correct Vendor / the whole Venue on Connect (Connect>Codes)example:
    c) Employee Role Checkout Page (click YES)


  1. Cash drawer assignment button – improved visibility.


  1. Back button on Finalize payment screen.
  2. Cash Drawer assignment.