Activate Android 2.8


  1. Open Price item and Weight item added. Set up in Connect>Main Menu>Items>Items>Item Info Tab. 
  • Open Price – Allows the cashier to enter the price on the POS
  • Weight Item – Allows the cashier to enter the weight of an item to calculate the price on the POS
  • Weight Units – Allows for selection of the units (e.g. Ounce, Pound, etc. )


Add item price and price/weight directly in the Activate. Screenshot_2016-05-24-09-36-24_pngScreenshot_2016-05-24-09-36-29_pngScreenshot_2016-05-24-09-36-33_png

2. French language support. Change locale of device to Francais (Canada) and you are ready to enjoy Activate in your native language.

3. Custom refunds for any amount and any tender, no need to refund against an order.

4. Simple currency converter available on the gear bar. 2016_05_12_10_09_51_png2016_05_12_10_08_54_png


  1. Tip at checkout calculations improvement.
  2. Restrict single modifier switch error.
  3. Offline limit exceeded workflow corrections.
  4. Orders view, and Finalize Day manage permissions restored.