Interact Web 1.0.2

New Features

  • Added support for theme control, which allows users to create multiple custom themes for Interact Web.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Interact Web > Settings.
    2. In the Theme menu, select Theme 1 or Theme 2.
    3. Configure options for the selected theme.
    4. Click Save Changes.
    Note: The field that was previously named ‘Theme’ was renamed to ‘Background’ and the options (Light or Dark) were not changed.

  • Added the ability to configure Venues to show or hide the images used for Menu items.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Interact Web > Settings.
    2. Set the Show Images option.
      Yes – The item images display in the menu.
      No  – The item images do not display in the menu.
      Note: The Page Preview panel shows how the menu is displayed.
    3. Click Save Changes.

  • Added the ability for Venue Administrators to configure the order of subcategory groups in menus.
    To configure this option:
    1. Click Options > Category Group.
    2. Click the Category Group you want to modify.
    3. In the Edit Category Group window, set the Sort Order option.
    4. Click Save Changes.

  • Added support for Custom Fees.
    Custom Fees give venues the ability to add fees to merchandise, food, and beverages. Custom Fees are configured in Connect: Options > Custom fees.
  • Added the ability for users to update mobile phone numbers.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue with the Chrome autocomplete functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where seating information was not sorted in the correct order.