Activate Android 4.5.8

  • Added the ability to apply discounts to Lava Loaded Value transactions.
  • Added the ability to apply custom names to payment screen buttons, so users can have both Lava Stored Value and Lava Loyalty buttons.
    To use this option:
    1. In Connect, click Options > Employee Roles.
    2. Click the Employee Role you want to modify.
    3. Click the Payments tab.
    4. In the Payments window, perform the following tasks:
      • Locate the Custom GiveX Button Title option and type the custom title (Lava Stored Value).
      • Locate the GiveX Member Benefits Label option and type the custom label (Lava Loyalty).
    5. Click Save Employee Role.

    Note: Loyalty and Loaded Value must be enabled to use this option.

  • Fixed an issue where signature vouchers printed for Loaded Value transactions when auto-print was turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where Apple Pay transactions for AMEX cards were declined.
  • Fixed an issue where tax was not applied to taxable Custom Order Discounts.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Finalize Day would not open, even though all checks and orders were closed.
  • Fixed an issue where Activate crashed when a tablet was disconnected from the Premium Dock and users were unable to process cash transactions.
  • Fixed memory leak issues to improve performance.