Activate iOS 7.6.18

  • Updated flow for closing credit card tabs. The new flow allows users to select a stored credit card for split payments and to add discounts and fees.
    Example of the new flow:
    1. Log into Activate.
    2. Tap a food item.
    3. Tap Check.
    4. Tap Open with Credit Card.
    5. Swipe credit card.
    6. When ready to close the tab, tap Closeout Check.
    7. When the following prompt displays, tap Yes:
      Are you sure you want to closeout the check?
    8. When the following prompt displays, tap Yes:
      Would you like to use your stored credit card?
    9. Tap Stored Credit Card.
    10. Add the amount to be charged to the stored credit card.
      Tap Remaining to charge the entire amount to the stored credit card.
    11. Add tip and signature, and then click Done.
    12. Tap Checkout.
    13. Tap a receipt option.
    Note: Easy Splits must be enabled to use this feature.
    To enable Easy Splits in Connect:
    • Options > Permissions Sets > Payments > Enable easy splits set to Yes.

  • Added Suite Account and Suite Number information to PreOrder receipts.
  • Fixed an issue where a discount was applied twice when the Discount button was tapped twice. Now a second tap will remove the discount from the order.
  • Fixed an issue where the All category displayed the last subcategory that was selected instead of all categories.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate transactions occurred when Activate did not receive an acknowledgment from Connect after checkout.