Connect 10.19.11

Suites Updates

  • Added a new Permissions Set option for tabs. The ‘Allow tab by suite’ option lets suite attendants start a tab with the suite number, suite account, and suiteholder information.
    To enable this option:
    1. Click Options > Permissions Sets.
    2. Click the Permissions Set you want to modify.
    3. Click the Tabs tab.
    4. Set the ‘Allow tab by suite’ option.
      Yes – The suite attendant can start a tab in Activate with the suite number, suite account, and suiteholder information.
      No  – This option is not displayed in Activate.
      Note: This option is disabled (set to No) by default.
    5. Click Save.

  • Changed the Item Quantity drop-down menu to a numeric input box, so that users can enter quantities larger than 100 (the previous limit).
    item quantity box
  • Updated the Upsell Item page to include the Cart. The Cart displays on the right side of the page and includes item details and totals.
  • Updated the Mass Event Order Report to include Payment Method information.

Other Connect Updates

  • Changed the Yellow Dog logic to prevent synching issues.
  • Enhanced the Yellow Dog integration to use the POSDescription1 to update the Item Name in Connect.
  • Fixed an issue in the Refund Report where tax was included in the subtotal amount.
  • Fixed an issue on the Manage Events page (Events > Stand Sheets) where the Begin Counts did not pull the End Counts from the previous event.