Activate IOS 5.11


  1. Bluetooth Boca Printer integration. The new item type Ticket is used to define if the item is printed. New Item type visible on the main menu bar:Screenshot_11_05_16_14_10Click on the ticket and follow the regular purchase steps. On the Thank You screen and order details (Left Menu>All Orders) ticket printing options are available:Screenshot_11_05_16_14_11Screenshot_11_05_16_14_12
  2. Manual Credit Card check for last 4. When the credit card is swiped, an alert asks to manually type in the last 4 digits of the card to verify the physical card.  If the entry is incorrect a different card must be used for payment. _AI-40__Manual_Check_of_CC_Last_4_-_JIRA
  3. Currency type internationalization. USD / CAD available. USD set as a default. Enabled in Connect Main Menu>Settings>Venue>General tab. Selected currency type appears on every order, views and prints, across the entire venue. Appetize_Connect
  4. Device name on the Login screen and Diagnostics screen details added.Screenshot_10_05_16_12_15
  5. Additional printing buttons added for Cash and Credit Card payment:
  • on order details view
  • on order list view
  • on the Thank You screen


  1. Cash change visible on the Thank You screen after closing a Check with Cash payment type selected.
  2. Tip and signature fields added for stored value in REST mode.
  3. Encryption process for ApplePay improvement.
  4. Wizard for Upsell Items workflow improvement.
  5. Split Payment Total and Order Total both shown on the printed receipt.


  1. Tip in REST mode not available.
  2. Tab order refund issues have been fixed.
  3. Cash drawer opening on split checks incorrect behavior.
  4. Incorrect receipt prints for stored value transactions.
  5. Activate showing insufficient funds on Fortress while adding a tip in Restaurant mode even though the funds are available.