Connect 10.15.1


  1. New Employee Role settings VFD display.
    – we’ve added the ability to customise the text that is displayed on the screen for Elo devices with a VFD (2 line display)
    – to customise the text, you need to:

    * Open Connect → Options → Employee Roles
    * Select the Employee Role you would like to change
    * Navigate to "General" tab 
    * There are 2 new fields added:
    VFD LINE 1 
    VFD LINE 2
    * You should be able to enter up to 40 characters there 
    * Once you set it and save your changes, Activate should replace the existing text that was displayed on the VFD
  2. Suites – all fees (including custom fees) that are assigned to Vendor are automatically added to the preorder.
  3. Suites – new connect roles added for Suite access.
    – log into Connect → navigate to Options → Connect Roles
    – select the role you want to update
    – you should be able to switch the new toggles that change Suites configuration / access
    – we’ve got the following switches available:

    Suites (On/Off) 
    a) On = shows suites section in menu structure
    b) Off = hides menu structure
    a) On = shows settings, production units, menus, delivery schedules
    b) Off = hides them
    Account Creation
    a) On = shows suite preorders
    b) Off = hides suite accounts
    a) On = shows suite preorders
    b) Off = hides preorders
    a) On = access reporting
    b) Off = hides reporting

3. Inventory → items → modifiers
– currently, modifiers added to inventory items have new columns that need to be filled in, those are:
– Inventory Category
– Unit of Depletion Rate
– Cost of Depletion Rate
Additionally, every time a depletion rate is added to a Modifier, this should update the Cost of Goods value for the modifier.

4. Integration with a new Star Micronics WebPRNK SDK printer.
– the printer allows to print labels, chits and receipts directly from Connect
– the new printer needs to be added to each Venue via Connect → Settings → Printers (you need to provide valid name, Ip address, model and set it to Active)

Example usage: 
Open i.e. Connect orders → open a completed order → tap the Print button → order details would be printed via Connect


  1. When navigating to Connect → Accounts, filtering accounts according to your search poses a problem.
  2. Items → Availability tab fixes.
  3. Crashes when sorting inventory items.
  4. Reports → Inventory → Purchase Item History – quantity fields calculation fixes.


  1. Inventory – Transfers improvements.
    – navigate to Inventory → Transfers → create a transfer
    – when adding items to the transfer, there should be a new column called Target Stock added
    – Target Stock column presents destination stock when selecting items to be added to the transfer so that user knows the current quantity on hand before adding the item