Activate iOS 6.9.2

1. Custom Fees – General information
      Prerequisites – Connect
      Adding Custom Fee via Connect
      How to add Custom Fee (Activate)

2. More about Custom Fee Calculations
      Convenience Fee and Custom Fee
      Fees and Taxes



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  1. CUSTOM FEES [ps2id id=’cmd’ target=”/]General information: 
    • If you enable it from Connect, then you can add more than one Fee to the order from the app
    • Custom Fee is applied to SUBTOTAL amount of order
    • Each Custom Fee is assigned to Vendor 
    • There’re 3 fee types to choose from: Flat, Percentage, Custom
      a) Flat, Percentage – these are ordinary fees that have fixed value set from Custom Fees page
      b) Custom Fee – the only fee that can be changed by cashier. The decision whether it’s flat or percentage and what’s the final Fee value is left to the cashier.
    • Fees are assigned to Vendors/Subvendors.
      They can be applied only to whole order. If we have multiple Custom Fees – they are counted separately to subtotal (order): i.e.:

      • Order: $10
      • Fee1, flat $5
      • Fee2, percent 20%
        Final order price: $10 + $5 (fee1) + 20%*$10 (fee2) = $17

PREREQUISITES (CONNECT) [ps2id id=’lfo0′ target=”/]

1.Connect Roles (enabled by default), but if you’re not sure about your Connect Roles settings, make sure it’s turned on.

2. Activate: CustomFees are displayed in Easy Split view under Fees section, so make sure that Easy Split mode is turned on 

ADDING CUSTOM FEE via CONNECT [ps2id id=’kf89′ target=”/]

  1. Reach Connect -> Options -> Custom fees -> Create -> fill in the required fields.
    ** name, type, status – these fields are important
    ** VALUE field – needs to be filled in, but in case of CUSTOM fee type it does not matter and does not show up on Activate. The final fee choice is left to the cashier
  2. Click on a newly created fee
  3. Open “Assign Vendors” tab
  4. Click “Add Vendor” button
  5. Assign a Vendor / Vendors
  6. Expected result below:

! Note
Apart from Connect settings, Custom Fee database object must be created as well.

HOW TO ADD CUSTOM FEE (ACTIVATE) [ps2id id=’9r0kf’ target=”/]

-> add any item to the cart
-> tap “More” button

-> go to “FEES” tab
-> tap on your custom fee
-> pick a percentage or value
-> click on the green 
-> new total amount is being calculated
-> need another Fee? repeat the procedure: click on your custom fee button and add some other fee type.

When you configure Custom Fee from Connect the expected change in Activate is shown below:

-> tap to add Custom Fee (more than one Fee can be added)

-> to finish the transaction, you need to go to “PAYMENTS” tab and choose your preferred tender type. Only then the “Checkout” button is active

Note! You can look up Fees added to order later.
-> Open Activate’s left menu
-> Tap “All Orders”
-> Open your order
-> See the “FEES” under Subtotal amount

2. Interested in more about Fee Calculations? Read on! [ps2id id=’kf90e’ target=”/]

  1. Mix Convenience Fee (Employee Role settings) and Custom Fee (Connect – Options settings) [ps2id id=’k3m4′ target=”/]
    It is possible to mix “Convenience Fee” added on Employee Role and “Custom Fee”. If both properly set, here’s how it’s calculated.
Custom fee + Convenience Fee on Employee Role

Convenience Fee: $1.00
Custom Fee (15%)

When Total is calculated, fees are counted separately and added to subtotal (Value of order)
Value of order = $4

Tap “More” and add fee from “Fees” tab

2. Fees and Taxes [ps2id id=’3mk34′ target=”/]

-> If “Tax per Item” is turned on for the Venue, taxes would be applied according to logic set for Tax Levels

-> The option in Connect > Vendor Roles > Taxes

is visible only when Tax per Item is NOT set for the Venue. “Apply Tax To Fee” is applied to Convenience Fee only.

3. Refunds [ps2id id=’44900f’ target=”/]
When order is refunded the whole Fee amount is refunded as well.

In case of partial refund, Fee value is divided according to the value of individual items.

FIXED: [ps2id id=’0ej3m4′ target=”/]

  1. Lag performance problems in certain cases.
  2. 6.8 and earlier versions crashes.
  3. Payments rounding issues.