Connect 10.3.5


  1. SKIDATA Direct Payment System
    – paying with Skidata directly via mobile app
    – finalize payment by tapping a customized button added to ActivateBasic flow: – cashier makes an order
    – customer presents a QR code from the mobile app (a QR code that contains a barcode)
    – cashier pushes the direct payment button configurable in Employee Role
    – scanner is activated
    – QR code is scanned (under the hood: a barcode is linked to a Skidata user who has a payment account set up)
    – Skidata returns – approved / declined
    * decline when i.e. QR code / barcode expired

    Note! Skidata Direct Payment method cannot be Refunded!
    Preconditions and Connect changes: 
    a) database (For more info please refer to technical docs here (
    b) Connect Settings per Venue b) Connect > Employee Role – enable Skidata Direct Payment
    c) QR code is generated, Skidata payment account is set up

  2. Skidata Loaded payment
    – paying with Skidata loaded value is available as a single button payment. Now that’s a separate option, as we also support Skidata Direct payment
    – when paying with Skidata Loaded payment via Activate, tapping on loyalty card assignment / balance check using the gear icon will show how many stored value or loaded value payments are supported now

    New button added to Connect where Skidaya Loaded Payment can be activated
    a) Connect > Employee role – enable Skidata Loaded Payment
    b) Settings per Venue

    c) database configuration and technical configuration details can be found on Confluence
  3. Choosing Pickup Time Increment.
    If a Vendor is a Pickup Vendor (SDK), you can choose pickup increment time from the dropdown list (i.e. 0,5,10…60 min). By default it is set to 0. 


  1. Receipt Printing. 
    Now, when customers pay with CC, individual authorization code is added to the printouts.
  2. Checking Venue assignment system.
  3. SDK per API configurator – some buttons relocated. 
    Since currently some toggles are out of use, we’ve moved them to “Deprecated” section.



  1. Tender Type Report – reporting cash sales fixed.
  2. Connect Roles – adding permissions fixed.