Activate Android 2.9.10



  1. Rounding on Split Payment (So-called “Old Split”)

    Currently, when Rounding in Venue settings is turned on, it also applies to transactions closed with Split Payment method
    Note! Rounding in Split works only if all payments are cash! Split rounding is applied to the last split, so i.e. when you have three splits – the last is rounded up/down, depending on your Venue settings
    Split Payment setup: 
    To enable Split Payment for an account you need to make sure that

    “Split Tender” toggle is set to YES in Connect > Options > Employee Role > Payments

    You can look up more about Rounding Feature in our Functional Docs!
    Rounding flow in Activate:* sample Venue rounding settings

    Step1. I’m adding item to the cart and then, choosing “SPLIT” payment

    Step 2. I’m choosing Split Type and payment methods (Cash)

    Note! The second “Split” amount is updated so that the Total price is rounded to nearest half.
    In short, last payment Total = last payment Total +/- rounding value

    Step3. When payment is authorized, you can look up the exact rounding value in Left Menu > All Orders view


  1. Check orders with Easy Split payment
    Now, it is possible to make a check order and close it out with Easy Split payment

    If “Easy Split” and “Check Orders” are enabled for the Venue here’s what happens
    Step1    Add some items to the cart
    Step2    Tap “Check” button
    Step3    Choose Check opening method
    Step4    When customers are ready to close the Check tap “Closeout Check” and then “Select Payment Method”

    There’s a new option – “Easy Split” here. Tap it and then proceed as with usual Easy Split payment.


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