Activate Android 2.5


1. ELO iSeries integration.

2. Cash Bank feature became available Activate Android users. You can log in and enter Cash Start value as a shift start level.

Cash_Register_–_Appetize_DocDuring shift, any Adds / Drops may be declared in the Left Menu>Cash Register tab.


Each Cash Start is separated with Cash Stop during which, exact collected money amount is provided.


3. Inventory available to manage items amount. When enabled in Connect, go to Left Menu>Inventory and Count Out (select Waste / Comps) or Transfer items.


4. Ingenico encrypted swiper iPP350 is now available for use and it has been integrated.

5. Barcode scanners supported – Code CR5000, CR900, Zebra DS6707. To enable barcode scan go to Connect Main Menu>Options>Employee Roles>General tab and switch on the Enable Barcode Scanner.


Additionally, barcode needs to be assigned to an item as an alphanumeric string in Connect Main Menu>Items>Item Info tab.


Due to a bug on Samsung Android 5.1.1 devices, barcode scanners are not available to use on this particular software version.

6. Item Sold Out feature available. Go to Main Menu>Items>Item info and select Sold Out item. It’s not available for purchase, marked with red Sold Out sign.



  1. Cash drawer opening speed up with Autoprint enabled. Cash drawer opens before the printing ends.


  1. No order summary on the signature and seat selection screen fix.
  2. Crashes regarding Prints and Item Grid.