Interact Kiosk 1.3.5

New Features

  • Added support for Star TUP592 printers.
  • Added the ability to customize the text and background used on the ‘Swipe or insert your card’ Payment screen.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Vendors.
    2. Click the Vendor you want to modify.
    3. On the Vendor Settings page, in the Theme configuration box, customize the following information in the JSON file:
      background -> “payment_background” // image widget
      header -> “payment_swipe_card_header” // text widget
      swipe -> “payment_swipe_card_main” // image widget
    4. Click Save Changes.

    Note: This setting can also be configured for a Venue.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Enhanced error handling for menu options. If a customer attempts to add an item to the cart without selecting the required modifiers (e.g., type of bread or side item), the incomplete fields are highlighted.
  • Improved the loading of customer-added media. Now media loads faster and is cached, so screens load with the correct imagery even if the system is temporarily offline.
  • Improved functionality for multi-vendor logins. The login button, on the bottom-right of the Main screen, now requires a long press to launch. A manager PIN is no longer required.
  • Improved functionality for credit card transactions. The kiosk does not display the ‘Swipe/Insert your card’ Payment screen until the Ingenico iPP350 payment terminal is ready for the user to insert or swipe their card. This enhancement helps to avoid confusion and premature card insertions.
  • Fixed some outstanding issues associated with the Ingenico iPP350 payment terminal.