Activate iOS 6.5


1. Block UI when Cash Drawer open –  if set to YES, the setting would tell Activate if the cash drawer has to be closed before taking any other action. It blocks new orders/transactions when Cash Drawer is not closed.
Basic Functioning:
-> Selected payment method – cash

-> Cashier completes an order
-> Cash drawer opens
-> Cashier cannot tap any menu item to start a new order when cash drawer opened
-> Please close cash drawer message shows up.
-> Once the cash drawer is closed, the user/cashier can continue using the app and the alert message is hidden.

How to activate the feature on Connect

To make it work, the correct permission set needs to be used.
Go to: Connect -> Options -> Permission Sets -> Cash Drawer
Block UI when Cash Drawer open – set to YES -> the feature is active.


1. EMV bugs.
2. Printing issues.