Activate Android


  1. Liquor Control System (LCS) As the name suggests, the liquor control system allows to identify the type of alcohol (brand) that is being sold via Activate app, as well as to pour the desired amount of alco beverage.

    (Activate) Preconditions – what needs to be done so that LCS works:
    – LCS configured and connected to device

Basic workflow: 
– Bartender selects alcohol and chooses proper amount on LCS (there are four modes to choose from: p1, p2, p3, p4)
– When bottle is inserted into LCS’ head, the bottle needs to be turned into pouring position. Then, the properly configured device starts sending data in LCS specific format
– If the measured type of beverage is found on alcohol items list (provided by external clients/services?), it is automatically added to the cart
– LCS allows to pour the selected amount
– Bartender pours one measure of alcohol to a cup and sets aside the bottle.

IMPORTANT! Bartenders should quickly set aside the bottle if they don’t want to pour another drink. Always double check the amount of items in the cart before proceeding to checkout
– If the measured alcohol does not match any of the alcohols from the list – Activate displays error message

Connect settings:
– to match the measured alcohol with an item set via Connect, we need to have the special (PLU) numbers .

 item: “Ketel One”
 Size        PLU
 1 -            5001
 2-             4001
 3-             6001
 4-             7001

probably: for the item size 1 – the prefix “5” is used, for size 2 – prefix “4”, for size 3 – prefix “6”, size 4- prefix “7”.

– For LCS to work correctly, the special Lcs codes need to be set per item via Connect
– There is a new field Codes on Items to enter the expected value. This will allow to link the Lcs item with Connect


pic.1 Connect -> Items -> choose the item -> Codes -> click the “Add Code” button


pic.2 Add external code -> and Save

Result: The code is created. What are the possible actions?:
a)  you can edit the value for “Code” -> so the name, but Type cannot be edited
b) delete the code

Single alco item cannot have more than one LCS code assigned.
So, if you want to sell 3 different alco items with different volumes, e.g, (40ml, 100ml, 150ml), you need to create 3 items – each with a different PLU number.