Connect 10.19.18


  • Implemented a new landing page for Advanced Analytics reports:
    • Added new tabs on the top navigation bar. Reports display in the appropriate categories (e.g., Revenue, Inventory).
    • Added an arrow icon that allows users to sort reports alphabetically by name.
    • Added the ‘i’ icon to the most commonly used reports. Click the ‘i’ icon to view additional details about the data found in the report.
    • Added a ‘Recently Synced’ tab, reports which are refreshed with data several times a day display in this section. Reports in the ‘Recently Synced’ tab only contain data for the previous three days. The reports in the other tabs refresh every night, so the data in those reports reflects the previous day’s sales, but the reports include several months worth of data.

  • Added a ‘Distributor Supplier Number’ field to the Inventory Item creation page.
  • Added a column called ‘Moneris ID’ to the All Orders Report and select custom Advanced Analytics reports for clients using that payment type.
  • Implemented performance enhancements on the Accounts page to load the page significantly faster.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Close and Transfer’ function could be performed more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total Tips Report did not include partially refunded orders with the tip intact.
  • Fixed an issue where a Corporate user could lose Corporate Admin access when new venues were added.
  • Fixed an issue where transactions paid using the ‘Lava’ tender would not process a refund back to the card holder’s account.
  • Fixed an issue on the Cash Management – Adjust Bank page where the back and forward buttons did not display at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where transactions completed with the Odyssey payment method, which were later refunded, did not return the funds to the Odyssey account.