Activate Android 4.0


  1. Restaurants

    – The brand new Restaurants module setup  is now ready to be used
    What does the new feature offer?
    – Restaurants is a module that allows for comfortable restaurants management
    – the service lets restaurant owners configure their restaurant’s interiors (dining area, tables, menus)
    – once the setup is ready, restaurant keepers can easily mirror their restaurant arrangement, manage tables and introduce simple ordering and payment processing on their tablets equipped with Activate Android v.4.0
    Restaurants offers you immense improvement of everyday restaurant operations such as:
    – overall organization
    – dining room layout
    – ordering process
    – avoiding confusion with seats/tables management
    – delivering orders to the right tables/seats
    Restaurants module needs to be turned on for each Venue individually. This can be done upon individuals’ requests. For more information reach out Appetize crew / contact support.


  1. Rounding items’ prices – quick improvements.
  2. Issues when trying to complete transaction with quick checkout.
  3. Open price / weight items displayed incorrectly.