Activate iOS 6.1



  1. Apple Pay button is now renamed to “Contactless” to avoid confusion between various types of payment.
  2. Calculating the tip %. From now on, it is possible for the manager (using permission sets) to decide if the tip is based on total or subtotal amount; using amount before/after discount. There’re two new permissions added:




  1. Handling settings for currency conversion and display. We’ve been struggling for some time with Canadian loonies , but now it is all settled. First, currency can be set from Connect for a given Venue. Go to: Connect>Settings>Venuecurrency1     If you want to enable currency conversion on Activate, Connect needs to be set first: (Connect>Options>Employee Roles>choose your account>PAYMENTS. payments_tabAnd the look of the button on Activate. 

_AI-89__Simple_Currency_Converter_-_JIRAIt is possible to convert USD Dollars to CAD Dollars, so both currencies are accepted. Activate does the math. It takes the value entered by cashier, multiplies it by the value set in Connect and displays the final amount.

2. NFC infinea reader (a type of swiper) for Apple Pay works longer and turns off automatically when payments are cancelled. We updated the duration and now it is active for 1 min.

3. New manager permissions. On Activate, in “Finalize Day” section – manager pin may be required. You can configure it (from account/vendor level) when you feel like you’re losing control over your employees. By default, it is set to inactive, but it can be changed easily from Connect.  Go to: Connect>Options>Permissions Sets>Add Set> Menu. A table shows up peemsetsRequire Pin for Finalize day -> YES -> Save. Then, you can assign active permission to given account/employee/Vendor etc. (Connect>Accounts>Employee/Vendor…>click or create a new one>a tab opens) Below – an example of Vendor account editionvendor_config


  1. Finalize Day view (french localization) refreshed.
  2. Under the hood changes (6.0 build).
  3. Layout of customer receipt and detailed info added. So, some stuff has changed and more paper is wasted. Currently, receipts are printed for refunds. Some footers are added, merchant CC &customer CC are placed on receipts of all transactions.
  4. Scanning wristband codes into promo textfield. Previously, promo was entered manually by the cashier. Now, when promo text field shows up on Activate it’s enough to scan a wristband.


  1. Several crashes fixed (split payment, pending closed order).
  2. Visibility of upsell items for Subvendor accounts.