Connect 6.7


  1. After vendor closing, overnight all stock transfer to the warehouse with clicking the transfer stock button.
  2. Main Menu UI refresh. Home replaced by Dashboard and Parking instead of Parking Pass shown below when available.
  3. Venue setup UI refresh. Switches and dialog boxes rearranged.
  4. Transfer Summary Inventory report.
  5. Inventory Value view and report.
  6. Inventory Category Value view and report.
  7. Inventory Purchase Item History report.
  8. Parking pass report breakdown.


  1. Parking Passes import/export improvement. Correct data is stored in the database after import file with Parking Pass codes. Time zone included.
  2. Cash operations procedure optimization. Shorter order finalizing process.
  3. Split payment with multiple credit cards signature process evaluation. During split payment with multiple credit cards, unique filename for order signature is used.
  4. Support e-mail address on the Menu>Help changed into:
  5. Menu>Item setup UI refresh. Date pickers displayed properly.
  6. Inventory Setup page added pagination and speed improvements.
  7. Expected Sold and Sales added to printed stand sheets.


  1. Inventory visibility when inactive problems. Warehouse visible even when inactive. Inventory displayed correctly, Add item buttons are updated while switching tabs..
  2. Revenue reconciliation report vendor status fix. No blank event reports when time period selected.