Connect 10.14.2


  1. Custom Fee – new toggles.
    1. Open Connect → Options → Custom Fees 
    2. Navigate to Details
    3. There're new toggles:
    Is this fee Taxable? Yes/No
    Is this a tip? Yes/No
  2. Suites – adding “Merchandise” item types to the Preorder.
    1. Log into venue in Connect.
    2. Go to Items, choose an item of type MERCH, and set Suite Item to Yes.
    3. Go to Assigned Vendors tab and assign your suite vendor, set your vendor to active.
    4. Go to Suites → Menus.
    5. Choose your menu.
    6. Merch tab should appear, click Merch tab.
    7. Your merch item should be visible.
  3. Suites  Suite Accounts  Details
    Added a field called "Captain Notes" where additional notes about the account can be entered.
    When "Captain Notes" are filled in, they are visible on the generated "Event Order Report" 
  4. Suites: additional box for pre-order added.
    1. Create a preorder.
    2. Go to checkout screen.
    3. Click "Add note"
    4. Enter whatever note you want into the input box under 200 characters.
    5. Click add note at bottom.
    6. Hit "Checkout."
    7. After order completes successfully, look for the order in the SuiteOrderDetail table, and check to make sure that the note you entered appears in the note column.
  5. Suites – ability to edit PreOrders.
    1. Open the order in Suite Orders to access Order Details 
    2. Click the green Edit button to start editing a preorder 
    3. Edit the QTY field to change the quantity 
    4. Additionally, you can remove items 
    5. Make the QTY field editable to change the qty and 0 to remove and a delete button is fine too if that’s easier item from order.
    Note! This feature is only possible when the order is in a pending status 
  6. Added ‘Benefits’ button to menu. This will allow a user to access the SkiData Member Benefits Portal directly. Functionality will be enabled in a future release.


  1. Suites module – Preordering items page fixes.
  2. Time clock – issues with setup.
  3. Problems with completing PreOrder transactions.
  4. Custom Fees – faulty behavior of the “Mark Inactive” button.


  1. Under-the-hood improvements related to PreOrdering feature.