Connect 10.18.7

Integrate Enhancements

  • CBORD integration is improved for more accurate reporting.
    When meal equivalency is used, the system sends the meal amount.
  • Vendors Report API includes inactive vendors when you add &get_also_deleted=true to the API call.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Transfer docket improvements:
    – Added delivery status
    – Added pack size
    – Added transfer creator name
    – Removed redundant information
  • The Plan a Transfer feature was added to generate transfers for multiple items to multiple locations with a single action.
  • The Cash Summary Report has a new filter. Now drops can be grouped by Teller.
  • Fixed: Skidata tender is included in Total tender calculations on Stand Sheets.

Suites Enhancements

  • The Consolidated Distribution Report can pull by Suite, Vendor, and Category Group when ‘Set Use Item Totals’ is set to YES.
  • Fixed: The PreOrder portal does not display events after the cutoff period.
  • Fixed: The Event Order Report lists prices for item packages only (not for individual items within the package).

Other Connect Updates

  • The Check Sync feature was added for venues and can be enabled at the Vendor Role level.