Connect 10.12.11


  1. Suites > Suite Accounts – new field added when adding an account
    • Navigate to Suites > Suite Accounts
    • Click the blue Create button
    • Fill in the required fields
    • See the new Active toggle. Choose Yes / No
    • Save your changes
      When the account is set to No, all attached contact lose access to preorder site.
      When contact is set to No, it can no longer login to the preorder site.

2. Suites – PreOrder page updates

  • Navigate to Suites PreOrder page
  • If you’ve already made some orders, the page should show a list of all preorders per selected date range
  • Each order listed there contains a special button that allows the user to authorize the payment
  • New functionality: If user decides to pay by invoice, there should not be the Authorize payment button. There should be the text “Invoiced” instead.


3. KDS – subvendor accounts permissions for Check Orders

  • Using Split Check functionality, make an order via Activate
  • Split the Check into 2 or more checks
  • As a subvendor account, log into KDS
  • Subvendor account type should not see partials that were creates as a part of split check process. Such orders should not be printed as well.


4. Split Check functionality can be disabled via Connect. This can be done on two levels:

  • From Vendor Role
  • Navigate to Connect > Options > Vendor Roles and select the correct one
  • Click to edit Vendor Role
  • Change “Enable Split Checks” to NO
  • Save your changes
    • Split Check will not work for the Vendor

    • From Employee Role
    • Navigate to Connect > Options > Employee Roles and select the correct one
    • Click to edit Employee Role
    • Find “Enable Split Checks” toggle under “General” Tab
    • Change “Enable Split Checks” to Enabled
    • Save your changes
    • Split Check will not work for that Employee Role
      When your Employee Role Enable Split Check = Enabled, but the same setting for the Vendor Role is Disabled, Split Check function should not work.




  1. Issues with enabling Advanced Analytics for some Venues.
  2. Inventory > Purchase Orders page. We’ve fixed the behavior of the red button that should refresh the page and clear the characters from the searchbar.
  3. Inventory > Purchase Orders.
    • Start Date and End Date buttons fixes
    • Trash icon that should clear the dates fixed
    • Purchase Order Total Range slider improved
  4. Check orders – previously it was possible to add partial order to closed check. Now it’s fixed.


  1. Under-the-hood changes related to FreedomPay transactions.
    • A flag showing whether a transaction was made online/offline has been added to the code
    •  Thanks to the change, Connect know if a Credit Card payment was taken offline
    • FreedomPay offline transactions work still in the same way via Activate, but information that it was taken offline flag should be presented on Connect.


  1. Some of the items that belong to Yellowdog did not show proper barcodes. Some server changes have been made so that proper barcodes are now assigned to those items.