Interact Kiosk 1.5.5


  • Various UI improvements have been made to the application.
  • First level Category sort orders configured through Connect are now respected on the Category screen.
  • Improved support of attributes that can be themed using the JSON. This includes the add to cart button.
  • Added support for manager pins when custom tenders are turned on in Connect.


  • Resolved issue with fees not being applied to orders
  • Resolved issue with fees not printing on receipts
  • Resolved various UI bugs throughout the application

Interact Kiosk 1.5.3


  • Added the ability to configure the length of time before the user receives an inactivity warning. This is done via the json. 
  • Increased the length of time before the user receives an inactivity warning during the payment process from 30 seconds to 240 seconds. 
  • Various improvements to the UI and customer workflow, particularly in portrait view. 
  • Updated the default image for items from a hamburger to a generic image. 
  • Updated the default image for modifiers to be a fork and knife image. 


  • Fixed an issue where Interact was not respecting the setting to print large check number on the receipt.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Back’ button was not functioning on the payment screens with Lava enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the json configuration where the configured loyalty message dialog text was not being respected.

Interact Kiosk 1.5.2


  • Updated the cart to use a quantity stepper (+ / – ) instead of a dropdown that will only allow 20 of an item to be added to the cart. 
  • Revamped the layout of the item details page, including moving upsell items to the bottom of the page to allow for more upsell items and improved visibility of upsell item images and details. 
  • Updated the Kiosk Closed screen from: “Sorry! The kiosk is unavailable. You can place your order at the cashier” to “Sorry! The kiosk is unavailable”.


  • Fixed an issue with Interact not recognizing the configured QR code for an item if there is also a regular barcode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Print Receipt, Email receipt and Done buttons were not respecting the JSON visibility configuration when “false”. 

Interact Kiosk 1.5.1

New Features

  • Added Custom Tender support. This change allows customers to submit orders to the kitchen without payment.
  • Added tracking for user actions. Now when users perform the following actions, the actions are logged:
    • start a transaction
    • begin the checkout process
    • select a tender
    • process a tender
    • cancel an order

    These actions will display in a report that will be available in a future Connect release.


  • Added the ability to configure the loyalty / stored value prompt in the JSON theme settings. This setting is on by default.
  • Categories no longer display if there are no items currently available for that category, including if the item is not available for the current Day Part.
  • Improved the UI of the Category Selection screen, the Item Grid, and the Item Details screens.
  • Updated the customer flows. Now guests are taken directly to the list of menu items if there are no assigned categories.
  • Removed the Category Navigation bar and Back buttons from the first category selection screen. These only display for multi-vendor logins.
  • Removed support for the default Main Categories (Food, Beverage, Merchandise, and Other). Customers can configure all categories in Connect as Level 1 and Level 2 categories.


  • Fixed iPP 350 issues, including an issue where the swiper froze on the Authorizing screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Attract Screen Order button to not respect the Visibility True/False setting in the JSON theme configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that prompted users to select a tender when there was only one option available. Now the tender selection screen is bypassed if only one option is present.

Interact Kiosk 1.5.0

This release includes the following feature and usability enhancements.

Interact Login
  • Changed the screen that displays when users log into Interact. Now users are taken to the attract screen rather than directly to the order screen.
  • Updated the initial Phone Login screen, so customers receive text notifications about their order. If customers sign-in as a guest, they have the option to enter a phone number (or enter a new phone number if they previously logged in with another number) after they complete their purchase.
  • Users are now able to customize the text that displays when Interact prompts customers to enter their name. The Name field text can be replaced with other relevant text (e.g., Table Tent or Pager).
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Vendor Roles.
    2. Click the Vendor Role you want to modify.
    3. Click the Mobile Ordering Options tab.
    4. Configure the following fields to customize the Name field in Interact:
      • Customer Name Label
      • Customer Name Hint
      • Show Numeric-only Keyboard for Customer Name

Checkout/payment process
  • Improved the shopping cart. Now newly-added items display at the bottom of the list. If the list is too long to display, the screen automatically scrolls to the newly-added items.
  • Removed the ‘Add Loyalty’ button for credit card payments. If the business has configured a stored value or loyalty program in Connect, users are prompted to apply the loyalty option before the payment option is selected.
  • Improved the imagery and directional text displayed for the SKIDATA payment option.
  • Improved the imagery and text displayed for the credit and debit card payment options.
  • Added support for item-level SKIDATA Member Benefits. Users can apply the benefits in a single scan/swipe along with available SKIDATA Loaded Value amounts. This release does not include order-level discounts.
  • Removed the ‘Back’ button from the Signature screen. If customers wish to cancel their payment, they must cancel the order.
  • Improved printed receipts. Added a space between the order prefix and check number, so it’s easier to read. Updated the prefix field to allow for 10 characters (previously allowed 3 characters).

Interact Kiosk 1.4.0

New Features

  • Added the option for users to apply a custom label for the Givex, Lava, and SKIDATA payment buttons.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Employee Roles.
    2. Click the Employee Role you want to modify.
    3. Click the Payments tab.
    4. In the Payments window, enter a custom title for the button(s), and then click Save Employee Role.
      Givex Custom GiveX Button Title
      Lava Custom GiveX Button Title
      SKIDATA Loaded Value Button Title

  • Now users are prompted to add Loyalty, Stored Value, or Loaded Value cards to transactions before being directed to the Payment Method screen.
    The default message is, “Do you have a Loyalty, Stored Value, or Loaded Value card to apply?”, and gives users the following options:

    Yes – Prompts users to swipe or scan their Loyalty, Stored Value, or Loaded Value card.
    No  – Takes users directly to the Payment Method screen where they can select any available tender.
    Note: The displayed message can be customized in the JSON configuration for each vendor.

  • Added the ability for users to load a Vendor Image for use in the Multi-Vendor selection screen.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Vendor Roles.
    2. Click the Vendor Role you want to modify.
    3. In the Vendor Image field, click the arrow to add an image.

  • Added support for the Code Reader™ 1100 (CR1100) scanner.
  • Interact now respects the maximum and the minimum number of modifiers set for each wizard step in Connect.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Removed the secondary order confirmation (Thank you!) screen.
  • Now when the Lava payment type is selected, an image is displayed, which prompts users to scan their code.
  • Fixed an issue where the Category selection screen did not display more than six categories.

Interact Kiosk

Now customers can use a SKIDATA Loaded Value card during checkout to apply available Member Benefits discounts to their order.

  • Currently, only item-level discounts are available.
  • A new Discount needs to be created in Connect and the details of that discount need to be replicated in the Member Benefits dashboard provided by SKIDATA. When replicating the discount at SKIDATA, they’ll include the Discount ID provided by Connect.
  • Users will not be required to select the discount. If the user has Member Benefits assigned and pays with a SKIDATA Loyalty Value card, then the benefits are automatically added to the transaction.
Before you create or configure the discount in Connect, verify the following options are enabled:
Easy Split
  1. Click Options > Permission Sets.
  2. Click the Permission Set you want to modify.
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. Set the ‘Enable easy splits’ option to Yes.
  5. Click Save.

See “How to Enable Easy Split Payments in Connect” for additional information.

SKIDATA Loaded Value
  1. Click Options > Employee Roles.
  2. Click the Employee Role you want to modify.
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. Set the ‘SKIDATA Loaded Value’ option to Yes and configure the option.
  5. Click Save Employee Role.
To configure the discount in Connect:
  1. Click Options > Discounts.
  2. On the Discounts page, perform one of the following actions:
    * Click the Discount you want to modify.
    * Click Create for a new discount.
  3. In the Add Discount window, enter the required information, and then click Save.
    Note: Currently, only item-level discounts are available.
  4. Click the Discount you just created.
  5. Look at the URL. The number at the end if the URL is the Remote Discount ID. The Discount ID will be used for replicating the discount in the SKIDATA Portal.

A new Discount needs to be created in Connect and the details of that discount need to be replicated in the Member Benefits dashboard provided by Skidata.
See “Discounts” for information about this feature.

To configure the discount in the SKIDATA Portal:
  1. From the Main page, click the Loyalty.Logic tab, click the Loyalty button (icon is two gears), and then click Member Value.
  2. On the Member Value page, click Member Benefit Types.
  3. On the Member Benefit Types page, click Add New.
  4. On the Member Benefit Type Editor page, in the Title field type ‘Benefit Type’ and verify the Is Active box is checked.
  5. Click Update.

Interact Kiosk 1.3.5

New Features

  • Added support for Star TUP592 printers.
  • Added the ability to customize the text and background used on the ‘Swipe or insert your card’ Payment screen.
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Vendors.
    2. Click the Vendor you want to modify.
    3. On the Vendor Settings page, in the Theme configuration box, customize the following information in the JSON file:
      background -> “payment_background” // image widget
      header -> “payment_swipe_card_header” // text widget
      swipe -> “payment_swipe_card_main” // image widget
    4. Click Save Changes.

    Note: This setting can also be configured for a Venue.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Enhanced error handling for menu options. If a customer attempts to add an item to the cart without selecting the required modifiers (e.g., type of bread or side item), the incomplete fields are highlighted.
  • Improved the loading of customer-added media. Now media loads faster and is cached, so screens load with the correct imagery even if the system is temporarily offline.
  • Improved functionality for multi-vendor logins. The login button, on the bottom-right of the Main screen, now requires a long press to launch. A manager PIN is no longer required.
  • Improved functionality for credit card transactions. The kiosk does not display the ‘Swipe/Insert your card’ Payment screen until the Ingenico iPP350 payment terminal is ready for the user to insert or swipe their card. This enhancement helps to avoid confusion and premature card insertions.
  • Fixed some outstanding issues associated with the Ingenico iPP350 payment terminal.