Connect 10.16.0


  1. Improvements to managing Inventory Units of Measure. 
    – Navigate to Reports → Inventory → select “True Up Full History”
    – We’ve added a new filtering option: Unit of Measure
    – the filtering option includes: Sales unit, Transfer unit and Purchase unit
    – the generated report displays the selected unit of measure (correctly converting and displaying the values of the selected unit)
    – details such as: the Actual cost and variance cost values are consistently the same regardless of the unit selected
  2. Standsheets – performance enhancements.
  3. Hawking functionality – updated way of setting up Hawking accounts.
  4. Support icon displayed on Activate mobile devices has been moved so that it does not prevent users from taking other actions.


  1. Suites – general ordering enhancements.
  2. Issues when trying to edit items using Vendor assignment file.


  1. Improvements in case when order date/time is updated through Connect → Orders → Orders → select order → edit date/time.
  2. API data pulls when Vendor is closed or deleted.