Activate Android 2.9.9


  1. Scale Integration
  2. Print button for timekeeping receipts
  3. Cash drawer opens on refunds only for cash transactions
  4. Require PIN for removing items from cart


  1. CC payment changes
  2. Pending and Completed order count on Finalize Day print


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  1. Scale integration [ps2id id=’scale’ target=”/]
    After attaching a scale to the device you can get the weight of items automatically, instead of manually entering it.
    tare weight can be assigned to each item. Its value is later removed from the value of weighed item. This is a useful when you do not want customers to be charged for the weight of containers.
    The tare weight is defined at the item level,
    and inherits the metric of the item automatically.
    Supported scale model: Mettler Toledo Ariva-S

    1. Connect a scale via USB.
    2. In Connect > Items > Detailed Information define unit of measure used for items.

      Note: The system assumes the scale is set to the correct unit of measure. If unit of measure set in Connect does not match unit operated by scale, the outcome may be incorrect.

    3. Set a tare weight if needed.

    4. Place an item on scale.   

    5. Tap “Add” button on the pop-up to add the item to cart. To close the view tap anywhere outside of the alert.

    Manual entry
    If you want to enter the weight of item manually, tap the text field
    or “Manual entry” button. It is marked on receipt with M (= manual).

    Note! If the item has tare weight set, it is subtracted from manually entered weight as well.

  2. Print button for timekeeping receipts [ps2id id=’timekeep’ target=”/]
    With the timekeeping (Humanity) module enabled, employees can clock in and clock out on the Activate terminal. When employee clocks out, Activate displays the amount of the time they have worked. After the new button has been added, it is possible to print that information on receipt.
    And how it looks on a receipt:
  3. Cash drawer opens on refunds only for cash transactions [ps2id id=’refunds’ target=”/]
    We added new permission set in Permissions Sets > Cash drawer section called “Open cash drawer on refunds only for cash transactions”.
    When enabled (set to
    Yes) cash drawer opens after a cash transaction.
    No means that cash drawer opens for any transaction.
  4. Require PIN for removing items from cart. [ps2id id=’reqpin’ target=”/]

    When set to Yes in Connect > Options > Permissions Sets > Main View, Activate requires Admin PIN to remove an item from cart or clear cart. It applies only to the main view, not check view.

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  1. CC payment changes [ps2id id=’cc’ target=”/]
    • Disable Signature if CVM is PIN
      If the credit card is verified via PIN, a signature is not required.
      When Digital signature = Yes and CC verification is done via PIN, Activate does not prompt the user to sign on the screen.
      When Digital signature = No and CC verification is done via PIN, on CC voucher there is a message “Verified by PIN” and no place for signature.
    • If a card is removed from the CC device before a transaction is fully completed (terminal screen says “Do not remove card”), the transaction is cancelled and on Activate the proper alert is shown.

    • The same happens if the CC device is disconnected from the POS before the transaction is fully completed.
      Note: Cancelling transaction is indicated by turning off lights on terminal.

    • If a chip card cannot be read successfully, a terminal prompts to swipe instead, and then proceed with transaction.

    • Currency is displayed on receipts and CC vouchers by default now.
      Depending on Connect settings displayed currency is either USD or CAD.
      Example: USD$ 1.70

    • For CC payments the Auth code is printed as well.
      Example: Auth : 0AB200
    • New info added to prints:
      – Barcodes are printed on all CC vouchers, not only finalized receipt.
  2. Pending and Completed order count on Finalize Day print [ps2id id=’pending’ target=”/]
    On Finalize Day receipt except for Total Orders count (count of all of the orders), there are added new ones for Pending, Completed and Offline orders.
    Total order count = Completed order count + Pending order count + Offline order count

    It’s available only for REST mode.

    Fixed [ps2id id=’fixed’ target=”/]

  1. Calculation fixes
  2. UI improvements – increased font size