Activate iOS 7.6.20

  • Added a Tab Refresh button on the Checks screen to ensure that all tabs contain the most current information.
    Note: This option applies to Suites Module transactions and only displays if the Vendor Role has Suites Enabled (Options > Vendor Roles > select a Vendor Role > Suite Enabled set to Yes).
  • Added Custom Tender Voucher functionality to the Order screens. Custom Tender Vouchers include a merchant receipt and customer receipt where tip and signature can be added.
  • Added Suite and Account name information to the Credit Card Vouchers and Custom Tender Vouchers.
  • Added Permission Set options for Suites Custom Tender Vouchers.
    Options > Permission Sets > select a Permission Set > CT Voucher
  • Added an option for Custom Fees to be automatically applied in Activate.
    This replaces the need for a convenience fee.
    To enable this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Custom Fees.
    2. Click the Custom Fee you want to modify.
    3. Set the ‘Apply automatically’ option.

    Yes – Displays in Activate on every order assigned to the vendor.
    No  – Displays on the Fee tab at checkout for users to manually apply.

  • Added the ability to assign the ‘Apply Before Discount’ flag to Custom Fees, so the custom fee is exempt from discounts.
    To enable this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Custom Fees.
    2. Click the Custom Fee you want to modify.
    3. Set the ‘Apply Before Discount’ option to Yes.

  • Changed how PreOrders are displayed. Now PreOrders will only display in the vendor shared account they are associated with.
  • Added an auto-recognize feature, so when customers scan their wristbands to pay for transactions, a pop-up message displays which asks them if they want to redeem their Promoter Credit on the purchase.
    ‣ If Yes is selected – The credit is applied to the purchase and the credit information displays in reports.
    ‣ If No is selected  – The credit is not applied to the purchase. The pop-up message continues to display on each subsequent transaction until the guest redeems the credit.
    Note: This feature also works when offline.

    To enable this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Employee Roles.
    2. Click the Employee Role you want to modify.
    3. Click Payment.
    4. On the Payment page, make the following changes:
      • Set the Wristband Promo Popup option to Yes.
      • Add a message in the Wristband Promo Popup Message field.

  • Fixed an issue in PreOrders where users were required to select a seat number to complete the payment of an order.
  • Fixed an issue where the word NULL displayed in some PreOrder checks synced to Activate.
  • Fixed an issue on receipts where the tax line did not include the tax amount applied to the convenience fee.
  • Fixed an issue where payment information was deleted when the screen was rotated in old Split.
  • Fixed an issue where Day Parts items do not function as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to complete cash transactions when the exact amount owed was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Finalize Payment button did not display in Easy Split for all payment types.
  • Fixed an issue where checks with discounts applied were declined and transactions could not be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Givex payment option did not display.