Connect 9.2


  1. Custom tenders. The ability to define cash-equivalent payment types with a conversion ratio.  The conversion ratio will define how many dollars clients need to gain one unit. On Connect, Conversion rate needs to be set, so, e.g. conversion = 2, means $1 = 2 Payment Units.To reach it on Connect go to: Options > Custom Tender.Appetize_Connect
    And then – see how Custom Tender might be editedAppetize_Connect
  2. Item management integration with Yellow Dog. YD is an inventory system offering POS, vendor and accounting interfaces. Connect’s integration is a 2-way sync of items and sales data, plus additional functionality to query stock levels and locations.  In order to use it in a venue, there are two prerequisites – FTP credentials and items with Vendor IDs assigned that need to be set properly.The new Connect tab is here: Connect>Settings>Integrations. The screen below shows the data required for Yellow Dog integration. bez_nazwy



  1. When Activate is being used as a customer-facing kiosk, you may now let the customer to enter name to open order before submitting. There is new “Enter Name” screen that needs to be filled in to proceed with the purchase. How does it work? Go to: Connect>Options. Zrzut ekranu 2016-07-26 o 13.54.20

2. Email receipts modified. We made small changes to the layout and some unnecessary texts were removed.

3. Orders Page view updates. Datepicker, and new tabs added. Now, the sorting looks differently, items are sorted by the full total instead of subtotal amount. It’s just more friendly, much clearer and there’s no confusion with items’ availability.

And some new fields added to orders view to make it more complete.

4. Item wizard updates and improvements.

5. Purchase orders view refreshed. Now, such expenses as service fees, taxes, and delivery costs are added so that the invoice received by the supplier exactly matches the values entered in the system.

6. Cost of Goods Report is more diversified and shows detailed data.


  1. Issues with downloading some reports.
  2. Item level discounts for weight items with modifiers.
  3. Exporting employe assignments.