Activate iOS 7.4.3


  1. Ability to configure two Skidata portals via Connect associated to one venue.
    How it works?
    • My Venue holds two different events simultaneously
    • I need to set up two Skidata payments (i.e. Loaded Value and Direct Payment) for each event separately
    • With Connect, I create two events, then with Connect Integrations page I add two Skidata payments - each with a different event assigned
    • Then, when using Activate I can select the event type and pay
    To set up Skidata with Connect, you need to:
    • Log into your Venue to Connect
    • Navigate to Venue Settings > Integrations > Skidata Payments
    • Click the blue Create button and fill in all fields
    • Select Event Type and Payment Type from dropdown
    • Change the status to ON = active and save your changes


  1. Rounding operations for All Payment Types / for Cash Only.
    – set rounding allowed payment type for the Vendor Role with Connect (Connect → Options → Vendor Role →  General)
    – make sure that Rounding feature is enabled for the whole Venue in Venue Settings via Connect

    Case1: Set Rounding Allowed Payment Type to All Payment Types
    This setting means that Activate should apply rounding settings for every payment type (Cash, Credit, StoredValue, StoredTicket etc)
    Case2: Set Rounding Allowed Payment Type to Cash Only
    In this case, Activate will round for cash transactions only
  2. Sort Order – view changes.
    Item sort order will now be presented on Activate in the same manner as they are set on Connect.
    Note: Sort Order can be managed via Connect from Connect → Options → Category Groups.
    Additionally, users can now drag Menu items icons on Activate level and place them when they want to. 
    This option can be enabled with Connect → Options → Permissions Sets → Main View → Drag Items = Yes.


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