Activate iOS 7.5


  1. New section added to Finalize Day view.
    Currently, after opening Finalize Day from the left menu, there will be a section devoted to Custom Tenders that includes:
    – Sales
    – Fees
    – Tips
    – Taxes

    Note! The view will only be available, if it's enabled via Connect panel → Options → Permissions Sets → Finalize Day. 
  2. Skidata Loyalty Points can now be printed on the receipt after checkout.
    You can turn the setting on/off via Connect → Options → Vendor Roles → Printing → "Print User Loyalty Points".
    After enabling this option for the Venue, the final receipt will show "Total Loyalty Points:" - with the total points that are returned from Connect.
  3. Manager is able to edit and access server checks (opened in Restaurant Mode) within the same Vendor.
  4. Custom Fee – apply automatically.
    Additional improvements to Restaurant mode include Custom Fees that can be now automatically applied to a check based on Vendor assignment or guest count.

    To enable/disable Custom Fees auto-apply, log into Connect → Options → Custom fees → select one → open Details tab and switch “Apply automatically” to Yes.
    While using Table service, Custom Fee will be added to a check on creation and can be removed (optionally) by a manager.


  1. Under the hood improvements of Restaurant mode feature for better usability and maintenance.


  1. Assigning Loyalty Card error in Easy Split mode for member benefit users.
  2. Difficulties when printing iPods / iPhones cash receipts on a  2-inch Bluetooth printer.
  3. Table Service – issues with typing check name.
  4. General enhancements of Restaurant mode.