Activate iOS 6.5.2


  1. Scanner Test on Diagnostics page. 
    Similarly to Activate Android version, where scanner test is already implemented, iOS 6.5.2 will also support this feature. When you open Activate let menu and tap DIAGNOSTICS – there will be a special button added. The key functions will be:
    – checking if the scanner is working and what data it is returning
    – when the button is tapped, it will show
    a) “Please scan barcode”
    b)  successful scanning -> “Scanned barcode text is: XXXXXX. Please tap anywhere to close this view”.
    The below view is Android, as in iOS version the button has not been implemented yet (too early).
  2. Supporting the new MasterCard BIN range (222100 to 272099).


  1. Easy Split Discounts view.
    easy_split_-_appetize_docIn general, Visibility of Discounts can be divided into 3 groups:
    1. Discounts should be displayed and have NO codes.
    2. Discounts should not be displayed and have codes.
    3. Discounts should not be displayed and have no codes.+ We should show the Discounts section (Easy Split view) only when there is at least one discount from group no. 1 or 2.
  2. The previous versions used to support adding tax on tip and that’s how some calculations have been made so far (depending on Connect settings). In 6.5.2v. tax on tip will be removed.  
  3. NFC/Apple Pay support for iPhone 6 Plus.


  1. Split by Item issues.
  2. Crashes (split mode).