Activate Android 2.8.8


  1. Cash Drawer Assignment. 

A cash drawer will be opened only in a situation when it is assigned to a logged user. So when, e.g., a cash drawer is assigned to user – P1, it opens up only for user P1.

  • Cash Drawer Permissions Sets 
    Cash Drawer functioning will be managed mainly by the Permission Sets. There’s a new Connect section devoted to Cash Drawer settings. To access the section go to: Connect -> Options -> Permission Sets -> Cash Drawer


Block UI when Cash Drawer open –  if set to YES, the setting would tell Activate if the cash drawer has to be closed before taking any other action. It blocks new orders/transactions when Cash Drawer is not closed.
Basic Functioning:
-> Selected payment method – cash
-> Cashier completes an order
-> Cash drawer opens
-> Cashier cannot tap any menu item to start a new order when cash drawer opened
-> Please close cash drawer message shows up.
-> Once the cash drawer is closed, the user/cashier can continue using the app and the alert message is hidden.

For blocking UI, the supported Hardware includes:
* ELO Paypoint built in cash drawer
* TSP650 cash drawer that must be connected to printer

Cash Drawer Assignment Requires PIN – if set to YES, a cash drawer can be assigned only when manager pin is provided.

Cash Drawer Assignment Reset Requires PIN if set to YES, assignments can be reset only when manager pin is provided. 

Cash Drawer Assignment – if set to YES a cash drawer assignment per cashier can be done. If feature is disabled all related UI components are invisible and a cash drawer operates in its usual manner.

Cash Drawer Unassignment Requires PIN – if set to YES, a cash drawer can be unassigned only when manager pin is provided.

  • Open Cash Drawer Button – Left Menu.
    Tap the button and see the possible actions: 
    -> If only one cash drawer supported – it opens the drawer automatically.
    -> If more than one drawer supported – under the button a list with the drawers available should show up.If cash drawer assignment (permission set) is set to YES:

    1. User presses button
      1. If manager pin is required, prompts for pin
    2. Activate checks which drawer is assigned to the current user and opens that drawer
      1. If no drawer is assigned, nothing happens

    If the drawer does not open, the user can go back and assign the drawer to himself (might require manager pin) or the user can ask the manager to force opening the drawer via diagnostics.

2. Manager Pin on Finalize Day section. 

There’s a possibility to restrict the Finalize Day view on Activate for managers only. To make it work go to Connect > Options > Permission Sets > Menu


3. Scanner Test to Diagnostics page added.
Now that clients are using scanners for loyalty and retails mode, an easy way to check if the scanner is working has been added.

The new button enables the scanner, if it was not already enabled, and then displays the results of the scan on the screen. The idea is that the user will have something to scan (a mobile phone, barcode from some item). and then, the cashier scans e.g. a barcode from some item and then shows the raw scan data.

When button is tapped, Activate shows “Please scan barcode \ Please tap anywhere to close this view”. After successful scanning text should change to “Scanned barcode text is: XXXXX \n Please tap anywhere to close this view”