Connect 10.17.0


  1. Adjust Tip feature.

    How can I use Adjust Tip feature?

    You open a check order with Activate and add a tip when finalizing transaction with a Credit Card.
    Later, you notice that you’ve added the wrong tip and want to change its amount.
    With Adjust Tip feature, you can adjust the tip amount on a check.

    What’s new on Connect for Adjust Tip?

    1. To enable Adjust Tip for your Activate account you need to:
    – open Connect → navigate to Options → open Employee Roles
    – open Fee/Tip/Tax tab
    – switch the “Adjust Tip Allowed” to Yes

    2. Under Fee/Tip/Tax tab on Employee Role, there’s a Delay Time for Adding Tip button:
    – there, you can adjust the time of capture delay (e.g. 2 minutes)
    – when e.g. 2 minutes delay time is set, it means that after adding first tip, user has 2 minutes to adjust the amount of the initial tip
    – the Delay Time must be set to minimum 1 minute

    Note!  When the Delay Time for Adding Tip is set to e.g. 2 minutes, you will be able to track the tip added to order on Connect once the predefined delay time has elapsed.

    3. There’s also one flag added to Permissions Sets
    – navigate to Connect → Options → Permissions Sets → Menu
    – set the Require Pin for adjust Tip flag to YES
    – as a result, when trying to adjust tip via Activate, user will be prompted to enter Manager PIN


  1. Inventory enhancements that allow to:
    – add depletion rates to modifiers via Inventory page
    – Purchase Order totals are now visible prior to their completion date/time
    – when opening Events → Event Types, it is possible to add bank templates to event types
  2. Suites (also called “Advanced Ordering”) changes including:
    – possibility to add Item Notes to the Kitchen Production Report
    – ability to email order to Suites users
    – ability to add a custom “Legalese” and Venue address under Suites → Settings page
    – ability to view Preorder Notes in the Event Order Report
    – “Captains Notes” are now removed from the Suite Order Confirmation email attachment


  1. General Restaurant Module bugfixes.
  2. Price Levels.
    – previously, when selecting a Price Level for an Event it was not possible to deactivate the chosen level
  3. Par Levels – general improvements of the feature.
  4. Suites (Advanced Ordering) – fixed the faulty behavior causing an active Custom Fee being assigned to an inactive Vendor.

    1. API calls enhancements including:
    – changes in ‘last_modified’ API to reflect Venue’s timezone