Connect 6.15.0


1. Item Info Tab setup additional switches. Available in Main Menu>Items>Items>Item Info Tab.

  • Open Price – enables to manually assign price to an item in Activate
  • Weight item – enables to manually assign price per weight unit to an item in Activate (e.g. 2$/oz)
  • Weight Units – enables to choose the particular weight unit for an item (e.g. Ounce, Bottle)




2. Employee card swipe to login available. Employee card swipe enables managing Time clock in Activate. Up to 20 alphanumeric characters are available as an admin or employee PIN. There’s a possibility to log in with card swipe, or manually typed 4 digits PIN.


1. Revenue Analysis Report adjustment. It’s now aligned with the Inventory Recap Report. Go to Main Menu>Reports>Inventory>Revenue Analysis Report. It shows all item price and number variance (POS, Stock) grouped by categories.

  • items are sorted the same way as the Inventory Recap Report
  • first 5 column match the Inventory Recap Report
  • all calculation have been improved

2. Inventory Type Promo code setup  improvement. Only Award Type (Dollar / Percent / Free Item / Free additional items) may be applicable for this promo code type. Go to Main Menu>Codes>Settings to see the changes.


3. Account setup for Shift planning purpose adjustment. In the Contact Information Tab, required fields are marked. Shift planning must be visible in the Main Menu>Schedule.



1. Levels, sections, rows and seats editing incorrect display fix.

2. Tender Report not showing correct data for Corporate user fix.