Activate Android 2.6


  1. Employee swipe to login available for employee identification. Up to 20 alphanumeric characters are available as an admin or employee PIN. There’s a possibility to log in with card swipe, or manually typed 4 digits PIN. Also, manager is able to swipe his card for authorization purposes, e.g. cash drawer pop-up, refunds. Only MagTek devices supported.
  2. New split type – Split by Amount. Select Split payment type>Split by Amount and freely divide order total into preferable parts._AA-8__Split_by_amount_-_JIRA
  3.  Barcode visible on the printed receipt.1460117135433_jpgSet up in the Connect Main Menu>Options>Vendor Roles>Printing Tab. Appetize_Connect

    1D – if enabled (Order Number Barcode), Order ID/Check number, no additional text.

    2D – QR code, uses the Custom barcode Text field.


  1. Sold Out items marking improper behavior fix. Sold Out modifiers and Sold Out inventory items were not displayed correctly.
  2. Seat loading fix. Now, seat loads quicker.
  3. Rounding values fix. The decimal values are displayed properly, with 2 decimal places.
  4. Memory usage improvement.
  5. Barcode scanner behavior minor fixes.