Activate iOS 6.11.4



  1. You can remove tax added to items by enabling Tax Exempt option in Connect, and then choosing Exempt button in totals view in Activate

    Now we added an option to control applying tax exempt by confirming this action with manager PIN.
    This is enabled by default, but can be changed in Connect > Options > Permissions Set > Main View: 

    With this permission set to YES, if an employee wants to remove tax from the item, an alert prompt to enter PIN will be shown:
  2. Blocking Finalize Day if there are open checks

    When running Finalize day we need to ensure that there are no open transactions left. To prevent from such cases we added new permission in Connect: “Require Closed Checks”.You can enable it in Connect > Options > Permissions Sets > Finalize Day tab by changing the position of the switch.Now when you tap Finalize Day button in left menu, a below alert shows up. You won’t be able to proceed without closing those checks.


1. Easy Split issues.

2. Printouts from iPhone.

3. Member Benefit orders.

4. Wristband blacklist options updated.